Special Edition in English of the
“International Workers’ Organizer”

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World Situation

January 31st, 2019
The USA in times of Trump: Yankees stamp
on their “backyard”, Latin America
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April 7th, 2018
Europe and the US amid trade war and class war
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November 17th, 2016
Imperialist pirates disguise with Trump
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South Africa

January 1st, 2018
New Year’s Eve statement of NUMSA:
An appeal to build a Socialist Revolutionary Worker Party!
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April 14th, 2018
The working class opens the road towards class independence.
A programmatic contribution from the Trotskyists
to the foundation of SRWP
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August 18th, 2018
Polemic with the ISO, branch of British SWP, on their support to the bourgeois party MDC
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January 14th, 2019
Worker uprising in Zimbabwe
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March 21st, 2019
Idai cyclone: Nature made torrential rain… but the boss politicians and the bankers are responsible for deaths and destruction
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Middle East

March 15th, 2019
Once again, Middle East in flames
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March 13th, 2019
In Algiers and on the streets of Paris, the cry is “Out with Bouteflika”
“Down with the regime”
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December 12th, 2018
Iran: The working class breaks into a revolutionary struggle against the Ayatollahs
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December 20th, 2018
Sudan: The riot for bread has started
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Idlib: The masses rise in Daraa, in the rearguard of al-Assad
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Latin America

February 27th, 2019
30 years after the Caracazo
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March 2019
The ORO front intervenes the Huanuni mine
alongside the Bolivian Armed Forces
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March 20th, 2019
A new imperialist offensive besieges Venezuela
and sieges Latin America
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Latin America

The rise and decline of chavezism
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December 2016
On the passing away of Fidel Castro
The leader of the capitalist restoration in Cuba has died
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August 22nd, 2018
A burgeois constitution for a capitalist Cuba
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December 7th, 2018
They stole us too much, now we want everything!
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December 13th, 2018
Revolutionary General Strike until Macron falls!
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December 15th, 2018
The yellow vests do not leave the streets
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International Correspondence
On the special editions in English of the “International Workers’ Organizer”

Letter to the Trotskyists of Russia
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Letter to the revolutionary Marxists of Japan
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